Trophy Hunting Springbok in South Africa

Black Springbok, White Springbok and Common Springbok can be hunted in various locations throughout South Africa. Springbok are South Africa’s national animal.

Overview of this species and the hunt

If you are coming to Africa on a hunting safari, the Springbok, known as Africa’s only true gazelle, is likely to be quite high up on your list. While there were once millions of these antelope, today they are mostly confined to game reserves.

Don’t underestimate this seemingly small antelope, they can be quite a challenge for even the most experienced hunters. Black, white and common springbok tend to mingle together and live in large herds. And it is the large family life that makes Trophy Hunting Springbok in South Africa a challenge as the hunter is sure to be sensed or spotted long before he can take aim. Having some hunting experience is preferable when hunting this antelope but experience is not an absolute necessity as your PH can help you determine whether or not the animal is a worthy trophy. Keep in mind that both genders have horns.

300 yards is about the right distance from which to hunt springbok. They have fantastic eyesight and should they feel threatened, they will not hesitate to run away. Hunters might find that it is helpful to either walk very slowly or crawl towards the antelope in order to keep his presence from being noticed. Use a flat shooting rifle with a calibre of around 25 and be sure to use a bullet with a grain of at least 120. A scope will also be important if you find that you need to take a shot from a distance.

Springbok meat is tasty and they make beautiful trophies. If you are hunting for the meat, aim for the lung area while a shot to the heart/lung region should do the job for a trophy hunt. Aim your shot a third of the way up the foreleg and don’t aim for the head unless you are very experienced. Should you miss, you will scare off the entire herd.

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