Trophy Hunting Sable Antelope in South Africa

Sable have beautiful colouring and are hunted on the open grasslands of South Africa.

Overview of this species and the hunt

Sable antelope are tribe antelope with a white belly and a black body. They are another one of the antelope that are given a royal status because of their immense beauty and stature. They are at home on grasslands and plains, and their colouring makes them really stand out. They are named after the colour of their coats, with only the male’s having a black coat while the females are known for their dark red/brown coat. The belly of both genders is white and while they are smaller in size to the roan, they are stunning animals.

Both the male and the female have horns but the horns of the male are much larger. In fact, the horns of the male sable are so large that they are second only to the kudu. The sable lives in open areas, where they are close to water as well as grass. They are also known to live in wooded areas. They live in herds of up to 30 members and the male sable can be very territorial. They fight for their territory using their horns and death is often the result of the fight. Sable can be equally aggressive towards hunters, so should you wound it, the sable is likely to charge.

Hunters stand a better chance of hunting sable during the early morning and late afternoon, while they also have a good opportunity to find sable near water sources. The male will usually be on the outskirts of the herd which makes it easier to successfully take him down. But beware of the potential charge. Make sure that you have the right gun; a .270 should be the minimum calibre rifle you use. Stick to a good quality expanding bullet. You can’t go wrong with a bigger weapon such as a .338 magnum or a 9.3mm. These weapons will come in useful if you have to stop the big guy’s charge.

Aiming for the heart/lung area about a third of the way up the foreleg or for the neck, at the centre, should be enough to take him down. If you are facing his chest, a dead centre shot should do the trick. Trophy Hunting Sable in South Africa is not only an interesting challenge for any hunter, but it will also reward you with a stunning trophy.

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