Trophy Hunting Roan in South Africa

Roan are the second biggest antelope in South Africa.

Overview of this species and the hunt

Once they only roamed the northern reaches of Southern Africa, but today you can find them across the southern nations of Africa. They get their name from the colour of their coats, which are a beautiful strawberry colour in the right kind of light. They have a black and white pattern across their face and many hunters think of the roan as a royal kind of antelope. The only antelope bigger than the roan is the eland but despite their massive size, they move easily and with a certain amount of grace. Both the males and the females have horns although the horns of the females are somewhat smaller.

Roan are herd animals and you will find them in groups of up to 12 family members. These herds will stay together for years and the dominant males are known for protecting the females from other bulls in the herd. Roan bulls will clash their horns together while fighting from a knee position. Fights can sometimes be to the death! This severe show of strength should serve as a warning to hunters as they could be on the receiving end of this aggression should they injure the animal.

Roan are grazing animals and you will find them on savannah plains, and in grassy areas where they have plenty of food available. They are known for browsing as well which helps them to stay fed and watered during times when their usual food and water are hard to come by. They depend on water, so you might find them near water sources. Trophy Hunting Roan in South Africa is a tough challenge, so you will need the right weapon to take him down.

When approaching a roan, it might be easy at first, but keep in mind that they can quickly attack. Heavy calibre bullets along with a .270 rifle should do the job but you can also use a .338 or 9.3 magnum. Shooting for the heart/lung region, a third of the way up the front leg should take him down. You will also have success if you shoot for the neck. A wounded roan can be dangerous so be very careful.

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