Trophy Hunting Red Lechwe in South Africa

These beautiful antelope are found across central South Africa and have beautiful red coats.

Overview of this species and the hunt

A member of the medium size antelope family, the red lechwe has dark markings on its front legs and a slanting body which makes the shoulders slope lower than the croup. This antelope is almost always found near to a water source. Red lechwe is a popular trophy but their numbers are limited in South Africa. Bigger herds of red lechwe can be found in Namibia and Botswana.

When telling apart the males from the females, all you need to do is look for horns. Only the male red lechwe have distinguishing curved tipped horns. Males are also noticeably bigger than females. You will find this antelope in swampy areas as well as in reed beds near to rivers. If you spook them, they will jump into the water and swim away from you. One interesting characteristic of the red lechwe is that while it is a strong swimmer, it is not fast on dry land. Their diet consists mainly of water grasses and dry grass. It is dependent on water, so it is never too far from a source. Just like other antelope, they tend to graze during the early morning and late afternoon.
If you are looking for a thrilling and challenging hunt, Trophy Hunting Red Lechwe in South Africa is certainly going to deliver. They tend to like to watch hunters from a distance that makes them just out of range. Should you get too close, however, they will flee, so a long distance shot is needed. You can be guaranteed that you will need to retrieve the animal from water once it has been shot so be ready to take a dip.

Choose a rifle that is reliable when it comes to long shots. A .270 or a 30 calibre magnum should be all you need along with an expanding bullet with a grain of 150 to 175. When shooting, place your aim in the heart and lung area, so up the foreleg, around a third of the way up the body.

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