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Limcroma Safaris is one of Africa’s premier South Africa based hunting outfitters. Specializing in family and couple safaris, Limcroma Safaris offer both bowhunting and rifle hunting packages for the Big Five (or Dangerous Seven) as well as more than 45 species of plains game. Professional hunter and outfitter Hannes Els, owner and operator of Limcroma Safaris has assembled the best team of trackers, skinners, professional hunters, lodge and camp staff as well as office personnel to make your dream African safari hunting trip a reality while also giving you the ultimate hunting experience in Africa!

Since we personally manage all of our hunting areas and concessions we can ensure that we offer each and every hunter the opportunity to harvest only the highest level of trophy quality animals. Record book trophies are only part of the experience. We have first class, luxurious African safari accommodations and specifically cater to family and couples that want to go on their dream African safari adventure!

Bow Hunting

Rifle Hunting

Dangerous Game Hunting

Plains Game Hunting

Family & Couple Safaris

Limcroma Safaris – for the ultimate hunting experience in Africa!

We offer the best quality trophy African Safari Hunting trips that the continent has to offer, along with the highest level of service and first class, luxurious safari accommodation. When you book a trip with us you can look forward to delicious gourmet African cuisine, the best South African wines, exciting African hunting stories and enchanting folklore around a traditional African “bushveld” campfire with good friends and family – the ultimate hunting experience in Africa – Limcroma Safaris!


The ultimate bowhunting destination in Africa!

Embark on your own journey of a lifetime and experience a bow hunting adventure in the wilds of Africa with Limcroma Safaris.
Professional Hunter and Outfitter Hannes Els, an enthusiastic bow hunter himself, understands the special needs of a bow hunter.
Special management and strategic placement of blinds and tree stands ensure the best chance for the trophies of a lifetime.
If you have any questions about planning a bowhunting safari with Limcroma Safaris, we would be happy to discuss details and available dates with you. Please contact us early as the best dates for bowhunting in our region are booked far in advance.

Rifle Hunting

Make your dream African hunting adventure a reality with Limcroma Safaris!

Hunting in Africa is a childhood dream for any big game hunter! In the modern day hunting industry this no longer has to be a dream.
We can assist you with all your travel arrangements and tailor a safari package to suit your specific needs and most important of all, your budget! Limcroma Safaris offers you an experienced team of Professional Hunters and trackers that take pride in bringing you closer, so you can feel that adrenaline rush and make your life long African safari dreams come true. Please contact us early for the best dates for Rifle Hunting.

Dangerous Game Hunting

We are fortunate enough to have the exclusive right to hunt the single best Buffalo areas in Africa today.

The area not only yields the biggest dagga boys, but also takes you back to the Africa of old and provides you with a hunting experience unparalleled in the world. This unspoiled stretch of African bush is also known to produce some of the best Leopard and Hippo in Africa. Why not combine your hunt and live the life of yesteryears legends?

Hunting in Africa offers nothing less than a memorable challenge. When looking for the perfect hunt, many a seasoned professional has found that nothing comes as close to a thrilling challenge as hunting the Big 5. The prized wildlife that makes up the Big 5 includes the rhino, elephant, Cape buffalo, leopard and lion. Dangerous game hunting does also include crocodile and hippo. For the adventure of a lifetime, please contact us about our dangerous game hunting opportunities!

Plains Game Hunting

One of the biggest draws for those looking to experience a real African hunting safari is to hunt plains game.

Plains game hunting is far more popular, and far less dangerous than Big 5 hunting and as Southern Africa has more mammal species than any other place on earth, there is no arguing that this is the best place for this particular style of hunting.

Family & Couple Safaris

Our highly skilled team of professional hunters will leave no stone unturned to make your family African hunting adventure the ultimate hunting trip of a lifetime!

Limcroma has developed an industry first with the Romance of Safari. These couple oriented high-end luxury vacations under the backdrop of the natural beauty that is Africa are for those who desire the best of everything. We specialise in couples safaris and we love hosting families! Our team will ensure that your hunting experience along with the non-hunting experiences will far exceed your family vacation expectations!



The SCI, or Safari Club International Record Book of Big Game Animals, is one of the most used record keeping systems in the world. It keeps a unique and detailed history of the club’s hunting recorded and it includes a scoring system. This record includes typical and non-typical animals as well as free range and estate animals. The SCI has various measuring methods and those that are applicable to trophies hunted in Southern Africa include:

Method 1: Animals with simple horns
Method 2: Animals with spiralled horns
Method 4: African buffalo
Method 6: Black wildebeest
Method 8: Rhinoceros
Method 12: Hippopotamus and pigs
Method 14: Elephant
Method 15: Carnivores
Method 16-C: Body length of crocodilian


In 1880, the Rowland Ward Records of Big Game was created. The purpose of the record was to keep track of various details of the game which would be of interest to hunters. It became a company policy to ensure that the book was not to be used to record the biggest or best trophy or to give praise to the hunter. The intention of these records was to celebrate the animals regardless of whether the animal died of natural causes or as the result of being hunted. The other purpose of the book was to ensure that hunters would focus on hunting older animals, especially lone males, which have in all likelihood already bred and passed on their remarkable genes. The book also became a source of information and knowledge gained from experience. In the book, you will find geographical information, historical records, biological records and, of course, game distribution.

The methods of the Rowland Ward Records of Big Game which are applicable for hunters in Southern Africa include 5, 7, 8, 12, 13, 15, 16, 17 and 18.

Those interested in planning an African hunting safari trips that includes youth hunters or the whole family are welcome as well.

We love seeing clients getting the whole family involved in the safari, whether it’s in an observers role or as a first time hunter.


“Hunted a buffalo on my 50th birthday, what an incredible experience!!”

Will & Family

“Our families experience at Limcroma surpassed our expectations. The hunting was incredible and the service was superb. Our family has hunted with Limcroma on multiple occasions and would recommend Limcroma to anyone looking for the ultimate hunting Safari.”


“I came here looking for a good PH to develop a trusting hunting relationship and can tell you my expectations were exceeded!!”

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Limcroma Safaris operates full service South African safari adventures on almost 200,000 acres of privately owned land and closely managed hunting concessions. When hunting with Limcroma Safaris, clients enjoy pursuing more than 45 species of trophy class African plains game including big greater kudu, gemsbok, impala, warthog and blue wildebeest.

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