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“Hunting at Limcroma was a dream comes true. I had been dreaming of a bow hunting safari for more than 40 years. Normally, with such a long time dream, the actual event doesn’t live up to the lofty expectations. Well, at Limcroma, the actual event far exceeded my high expectations. From the beautiful accommodations, to the gourmet table fare, to the professionalism and expertise of the PH’s, to the comfort and construction of the hunting blinds, to the quantity and the quality of the animals we saw, to the guidance in shot selection, to the tracking of the animals, to the care of the trophies after the recovery, to the fire ring and open bar at the end of every day, Limcroma truly is the best of the best! There were two other hunters in our camp that had previously hunted at well-known Outfitters in South Africa. They each said there was absolutely no comparison between those and Limcroma; they wished they had come to Limcroma from the start. I will be going back!”

Cary & Brandon

“The Life-lasting thrill of the hunting experience that my son Brandon, 18, and I witnessed during our week-long stay at Limcroma, will not soon be forgotten. We took 11 “quality” animals in 7 days. Several of them record animals! My son’s High School Graduation gift turned into a trip of a lifetime…for both of us. His record 60” Kudu, extremely mature Sable and 13” Warthog, all taken with the same bow that he had been hunting whitetail and turkey in Texas and Oklahoma for the past 5 years, is something he will never replicate. The additional 7 animals I was able to harvest with my bow and rifle combined, together with Brandon’s, have created a “wall of memories” in our home. Brandon and I look forward to the next Great Adventures with Limcroma in the very near future!”


“Just an overdue couple of lines to extend my gratitude to the entire Limcroma team for affording us such a wonderful stay and hunting experience. Everyone plays their part in perfect unison. Our guide was foremost a professional, knows his end of the business very well, adaptable and unassuming, a quiet storm though! And our chef, what skill, what passion for cooking, what presentations, what incredible meals. And the office ladies and their office/accounting skills, their patience in answering all the rookie questions.. totally appreciated. Let’s not forget our tracker, the best tracker I’ve ever seen and one of the hardest working fellows I know. I can only hope to get back to Limcroma soon and if your group happens to swing by south Florida on one of your publicity trips don’t hesitate and contact us, keep in touch!”


“I’ve bow hunted Africa 5 times and the last 3 in 2009, 2011, 2013. We have been with Hannes at Limcroma and I’m returning in 2015 to hunt with Hannes again. If it isn’t broke don’t try to fix it was advice that my father always gave me, and Hannes and Limcroma are surely not broke, enough said. Good Hunting.”


“Selecting a hunting Safari outfit for the first time can be a daunting task. I was referred to Limcroma by a friend that had hunted there several times. We had a group of five hunters and we were all first timers in South Africa. I have hunted many places in North America and several other countries and am accustomed to putting together group trips. People who have hunted a lot in their lives will understand when I say you have some outfitters turn out good and some bad. That is just part of hunting. Even though you have some good references, there is still some anxiety about an unknown. Hunting in Africa is a big jump and something I have wanted to do since I was a child. We all had high hopes about Limcroma before we went and as it turns out they exceeded our expectations by a long shot. Everyone in our group would go back tomorrow if they could. The communication and organization to help plan the trip was top notch. The lodge and the facilities were as good as advertised. The food is fantastic. The thing that makes it all click is Hannes and all of the Professional Hunters. They take great attention to every detail for the individual hunter. If you are a bow hunter, you are going to be especially taken care of. Limcroma really shines with the knowledge and effort they put into their bow hunting. From plains game to dangerous game; if you want to take it with a bow, they will give you a world class opportunity. There was not one thing about our trip that any of our group would change. It exceeded our expectations that much. I will be going back next year with a bigger group.”


“I brought my non-hunting wife on this couple’s safari. She fell in love with it. The Hospitality, the Friendships, the Food, the Experience. Everyone we met at Limcroma is now friends. The hunting was phenomenal. Within an hour of my first hunt I had a trophy Blue Wildebeest at 18 yards. My PH provided excellent opportunities on the animals I wanted as well as providing my wife and I with local cultural experiences.”

“Everything about our Safari was top notch. We were met at the airport by our PH. From the moment we were in Limcroma’s care we had everything we needed. Everything was taken care of for us and safety was never an issue. As a bow hunter it was important to me to choose an outfitter who truly understands bow hunting and bow hunting challenges. Limcroma is very well versed on the needs of bow hunters and provided many shot opportunities and quality animals. They work hard to try to get you on the animals you are interested in. After my experience with Limcroma I will not even consider using a different outfitter. Hannes runs an outstanding operation. We can’t wait to get back there.”


“I have hunted with Limcroma twice. Both times I hunted with archery equipment. The accommodations, service, and food were first class. The PHs, hunting, and trophy quality were all as good as it gets for the bow hunter. I will be returning to Limcroma.”



“My African plains game hunt with Limcroma Safaris was a trip of a lifetime!! Their accommodations, food and service were superb!! My guide, Hannes Els was my PH and guided me on some incredible stalks and hunts for the very best trophies I could ever dream to shoot!! I can highly recommend Hannes and all his Limcroma staff as being the best outfitter in South Africa and hope one of these days I can return for Hannes to guide me on a dangerous game adventure!!”


“Being a well-traveled hunter, I really appreciate having the opportunity to hunt with an outfitter that pays special attention to details. Hannes and all the people (PH’s, office people, camp staff, trackers, skinners and, certainly not to be left out, the awesome chefs) at Limcroma Safaris are truly extraordinary in the hunting business. Not only do you get the opportunity to hunt world-class animals on very well managed large properties, but you get to do it the company of true professionals. All the people at Limcroma strive to make every safari really special. I have personally experienced a wide variety of experiences from a family safari with two participating non-hunters to a memorable, very successful leopard hunt. All three of my safaris with Limcroma have provided me with great trophies but even better memories and a few very good friends.

My family safari, in the company of my wife and daughter, was not only enjoyable for me, but Limcroma has become a top choice for a holiday for both ladies on the trip. Every time I return to Limcroma, it’s not just for the awesome hunt; it’s for the entire experience and to be in the company of great people that make each safari special. It is rare to find an operation as well run, attentive to detail and putting forth an effort to make everyone’s experience really special. Even without the hunting opportunities Limcroma would be a great safari experience. But add in the opportunity to take a gold medal class animal in many species, Limcroma becomes unique in the hunting world.

My leopard hunt was absolutely amazing; everyone worked so hard before, during and after the hunt to make it successful. In the end, it took some time and hard work but, I saw numerous cats and took a truly exceptional leopard. I have had been very fortunate to be able to hunt with Limcroma for the last three years and each time I leave, I can’t wait to return. With any luck my annual trip to Limcroma will continue well into the future.”


“Your first safari should be very special, with all the sights and sounds you dreamed of. Limcroma provided that experience for me and my wife. Lots of game, knowledgeable p.h.’s, and more bush than you could hunt in a lifetime. From an early morning breakfast to stalking a gemsbock to the red African sunsets, we had it all. While stalking bushbuck along the river, my PH pointed to a leopard track in the dust. the leopard was hunting the same bushbuck I was! That’s the Limcroma safari and that’s why we highly recommend them.”


“Our hunting safari was an experience straight out of Peter Hathaway Capstick’s journal! This combined with superior professional staff, elegant accommodations and exquisite cuisine made our trip truly an experience of a lifetime. We look forward to our next adventure with Limcroma!”


“Our families experience at Limcroma surpassed our expectations. The hunting was incredible and the service was superb. Our family has hunted with Limcroma on multiple occasions and would recommend Limcroma to anyone looking for the ultimate hunting Safari.”


“Our hunt with Limcroma exceeded our high expectations-absolutely the best hunting trip I have ever been on! The food and lodging cannot be beaten. Everyone at Limcroma is very friendly, accommodating, and helpful. Our PH was a fine man and we are happy to count him as a friend. Among the highlights of the trip, I will never forget hunting and collecting the huge bushbuck, nor the stalk on the big gemsbok! Limcroma is a fine place to take one’s spouse. There are plenty of activities for a wife if they do not care to hunt. My wife originally planned to sight-see and accompany us on the hunt, but ended up hunting as well, bagging a nice impala and springbok. We cannot wait to go back!”


“As of now, I have hunted with the Limcroma Safaris crew twice. My wife, Jennifer, accompanied me on the last trip. Every facet of their operation, from their PH’s, to their camp, and staff are outstanding. Their accommodations and meals are all wonderful, and I don’t believe either trip could have gone any better.

From the moment you arrive, to the time that you must depart, every effort is made to assure you have the trip of a lifetime. Limcroma has a vast amount of acreage to hunt, and always puts you in the best concessions to harvest the trophies that you are seeking. I have been fortunate to take several outstanding trophies during my time with Limcroma, which far exceed the industry standards for those animals. The PH’s are all very familiar with the concessions and the quality of animals present. Their ability to field judge is simply amazing. More importantly, I have made lifelong friends with several members of the staff, and always look forward to spending time with them.

Jennifer was able to take several day excursions, with the assistance of the staff, on the days she did not accompany me in the field. She took a Hot Air Balloon Ride, Night Time Game Drive, Elephant Back Photo Safari, and had a Spa Day. She had an amazing time during each of the excursions. She also felt completely safe and the Limcroma staff made extra efforts to make sure she arrived and was picked up at the appropriate times.

Their trophy preparation after the harvest is excellent, and all my trophies have been delivered to the states in great condition. Johan, and his staff at Trophy Pro SA, pay attention to all details to ensure your trophies arrive as requested.

We look forward to our next trip, and there is no question it will be with Limcroma Safaris. I would highly recommend Limcroma to anyone seeking a true first class operation. Hannes and all of his staff will assure you have the trip of a lifetime.”



“I would like to thank Hannes along with all of the staff at Limcroma Safaris for making our second bow hunting trip to South Africa a success. I didn’t think our first trip to Limcroma could be beaten but I think it was this last trip. The whole trip was unforgettable.

From our trip to Lion Camp in the Kalahari to take a monster lion spot and stalk with my bow at 28 yards. That is one experience I will never forget. With my PH by my side this was an adventure of a lifetime and their experience left me feeling safe and protected so I could make the perfect shot on the animal I had been dreaming of.

Once we were back in camp the hunt just got better with my wife Connie taking a near 40 inch Sable with her bow and both of us taking numerous plains game in the days to follow. We enjoyed excellent meals and luxurious accommodations.

The knowledge and skill of the PH’s not to mention their patience are second to none, he went out of his way to make sure my wife was comfortable with her shot placement on all of her animals.

The PH’s at Limcroma also know their trophies and won’t let you shoot anything but the best animal to be proud of.

All and all our trip with Limcroma was a resounding success and the only bad thing was that it had to end way to soon. Looking forward to our next safari with Limcroma.”


“The Robichaux family from Houston TX has made two fantastic safaris to Limcroma……the first was a combination rifle / archery hunt. The second trip was archery only. Hannes and his team are some of the most professional hosts that anyone coming from afar could ask for. Their hospitality and desire to please their clients are second to none. We were not disappointed with anything about Limcroma and would highly recommend bringing family members along since the accommodations are spectacular. Please feel free to contact myself or my wife if you need any information about the hunting conditions.”


“Alexis and I have had the privilege to hunt with Limcroma three times. Each time we go back it feels like we are home. Hannes and his team go out of their way to make sure that every detail is attended to and meets your expectations. The accommodations, food, and staff are second to none. The only thing better is the hunting. We have taken over 40 animals with Limcroma both dangerous game and plains game and they all score high in the record book.”


“We would like to express our highest level of THANKS to Limcroma Safaris for attending to every detail of our safaris and performing at the highest level of service possible. From the preparation, transportation, superb accommodations, gourmet dining, quality hunting experiences, highest trophy quality and post-safari coordination we have enjoyed every aspect! It is rare that experiences in life exceed expectations, but we are rewarded every year when we involve Limcroma and everyone involved with their quality organization. As we book our next adventure with Limcroma, we look forward with confidence, because we know that we will look back with great satisfaction! Thanks again, Limcroma!”


“I have had a dream for many years to hunt the Big 5 and I have been fortunate enough to hunt the Buffalo, Lion and Leopard in the past few years. If adventure is something that gets your blood going then hunting the Big 5 will make that happen and for me there was no doubt about who my Outfitter would be for these very special animals and hunts. Limcroma Safaris with Hannes Els and his expert group of Professional hunters can and will make it happen for you and they did for me!!! I have hunted many times with them and each and every time they have over delivered on both the hunt and the fine trophies that make up my hunting experiences in Africa. Be assured that they will handle ALL of the details from the moment you step foot in Africa to the time you fly out……the accommodations are second to none! My 3 Big game hunts were the most action packed adrenalin moments I have ever had as a hunter and each hunt was HD videoed by a fine videographer named Melcom Van Staden who is part of Hannes’s team as well. I look forward to the day when I can return to hunt the Elephant and Rhino. I know as you will too that you’re in very capable hands at Limcroma Safaris hunting with true professionals that will guide you in every facet of these hunts!!!!!!”



“My wife and I have been fortunate enough to have hunted Africa several times over the years. Our last 3 safaris have been with Limcroma, and I can assure you that they are a first-class operation in every way. The main thing that sets Limcroma apart from the rest is that they have created a niche for themselves in that they truly specialize in the family safari experience. Hannes Els, the owner, is one of the most ethical, sincere, and affable gentlemen you will ever meet. He and his entire staff will go above and beyond to exceed your expectations at every opportunity. Hannes will match a PH to your family that will display patience, professionalism, enthusiasm, and a level of personal attention that will really make all the difference in your safari experience.

In addition to the incomparable hunting, beautiful accommodations, and the best authentic South African cuisine you will ever eat, Hannes has a full-time staff devoted to all of the non-hunting activities and excursions that are all part of the African experience. There are many family & couples oriented activities that can be done right from the main lodge. They will definitely keep the non-hunters happy while the hunters are out in the bush.

We cannot say enough about the fantastic times we have had hunting with Limcroma. They truly love what they do, and that passion is evident from the start. You will arrive as guests, be treated like royalty, and leave as friends for life!”


“I’ve had the pleasure of knowing Hannes for over a decade and have watched his business grow substantially to become one of the largest hunting operations in South Africa. While many lose sight of the quality and personal touch when expanding, Hannes continues to only improve his hunting experience and hospitality. This is evident by the large amount of clients who continue to visit Limcroma time after time. Limcroma’s facilities and lodging are first-class. The game management consistently produces record-setting trophy animals across a wide array of species. The teams of professional hunters are second to none in catering the hunting experience to your wishes.

I’ve been blessed to take multiple trips to Limcroma Safaris and each trip has been different and customized to fit the needs of me and/or my family. Hannes’ outstanding bow hunting setup has almost convinced me to drop my rifle and give it a try, but I have managed to “stick to my guns” over the years. My most recent trip in May of 2013 was a great illustration of their ability to cater a rifle hunting experience to a client’s needs. Our professional hunter was able to provide me with multiple plains game trophies with a variety of hunting styles. He also took us out at night to predator call which had always been a dream of mine. My wife, who had never been to Africa or on any hunting trip with me, was able to take her first ever animal and had such a great time that the day before we left she was already asking when we could come back. The versatility that Limcroma displays in catering to your experience level and hunting style will make you feel comfortable and confident and allow you to perform at your best when it counts.

Whether you are looking to get up close and personal with a tough spot and stalk hunt through the bush where you will only need iron sights, or if you are into long range shooting and prefer to not take an animal closer than 400 yards, Limcroma Safaris will make it happen!”


“Alexis and I have had the privilege to hunt with Limcroma three times. Each time we go back it feels like we are home. Hannes and his team go out of their way to make sure that every detail is attended to and meets your expectations. The accommodations, food, and staff are second to none. The only thing better is the hunting. We have taken over 40 animals with Limcroma both dangerous game and plains game and they all score high in the record book.”


“Limcroma is perfectly tailored for a father/son safari. We were knocked out by the warm hospitality, great accommodations, and gourmet meals at the long table. All Limcroma’s PH’s are sharp, agile young guys with fine trackers, but don’t let them sing at fireside. Our long stalk of an old Sable bull was a highlight, and my son will never forget taking his first buff, and a great Eland. We were impressed by the Nyala, Kudu, Hartebeest, and Bushbuck quality and numbers. Hunters in camp took large Croc and trophy lion. It’s very easy to recommend Hannes Els and his staff as these folks is some of the best in the business.”


“My wife and I have traveled to Africa many times. My trip with Limcroma was the first time I was able to take my daughters. It was the most memorable trip our entire family has ever taken together. Everything from the accommodations to food, to the hunting, to the amazing friendships made were beyond compare. I can only give Limcroma the very highest recommendation for the seasoned African hunter going alone, or the family traveling together. You will be so happy that you chose Limcroma!”


“The Robichaux family from Houston TX has made two fantastic safaris to Limcroma……the first was a combination rifle / archery hunt. The second trip was archery only. Hannes and his team are some of the most professional hosts that anyone coming from afar could ask for. Their hospitality and desire to please their clients are second to none. We were not disappointed with anything about Limcroma and would highly recommend bringing family members along since the accommodations are spectacular. Please feel free to contact myself or my wife if you need any information about the hunting conditions.”


“Limcroma knows bow hunting! From hunting area selection, to hunting blind selection, to trophy quality selection, to shot selection, the PHs, give incredible direction every step of the way, to ensure your archery success. My buddy and I took 20 trophy animals in one week!”


“Best bow blinds ever and spectacular trophies.”


“Wow! What an AMAZING “Father/Son” Trip. My 18 year old son, Brandon, and I booked this bow-hunt excursion as a graduation gift for him. It turned out being one of the most memorable times of our lives. Brandon took a 60” Kudu with his bow!”

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Limcroma Safaris operates full service South African safari adventures on almost 200,000 acres of privately owned land and closely managed hunting concessions. When hunting with Limcroma Safaris, clients enjoy pursuing more than 45 species of trophy class African plains game including big greater kudu, gemsbok, impala, warthog and blue wildebeest.

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