Giraffe Hunting in Africa

Hunt the world’s tallest land animal on the plains and in the bushveld of South Africa.

Overview of this species and the hunt

Standing at nearly 18 feet, the one thing you probably won’t have to worry about is spotting this tall animal. Giraffes are found all over the country and their preferred habitat includes dry woodlands and shrub veld. Both the male and the female have horns of bone protruding from their heads. Males are bald while the females have tufts of fur on the tops of their heads. Giraffes love to eat the leaves of the thorn tree, so this is usually a good place to start looking for them. They are not territorial animals and they don’t have to live close to water. They also tend to avoid all kinds of dense bush. Most giraffes will spend their days browsing and they very rarely sleep.

Unlike other animals that can have a very aggressive side, giraffes are quite calm animals. Their biggest threat is from predators such as lions and they will defend themselves by kicking. The challenge when hunting giraffe depends on the landscape in which you are hunting. Giraffes have really good eyesight and great hearing. This makes them difficult to sneak up on.

Hunting giraffe in South Africa starts with tracking their spoor, which is unique to this species. When you shoot giraffe, you will need to use the same kind of bullet that you would use when hunting elephant. Giraffes have a very tough hide. Quality, solid rounds used in a 7mm, a 9.3mm or a .375 H&H, or using a 40 calibre, should do the trick. Areas to aim for include the spine (aim for the centre of the neck) and brain, and the chest, preferably above the shoulder joints.

Hunting giraffe in Africa is a really exciting experience because it requires cunning and skill. Giraffes make a really worthwhile trophy.

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