Limcroma takes pride in bringing you the ultimate lion hunting experience in Africa. The semi-desert region of the Kalahari provides the highest quality lion hunting experience and this is where the experienced Limcroma team will provide you with the highest quality lion trophies. Our concession exceeds 40 000 acres in size and is also home to a large abundance of free ranging plains game. Hunts are usually done on foot and tracking them down in the sandy dirt will give you a lion hunting experience and trophy second to none.


Limcroma safaris is fortunate enough to have the exclusive right to hunt the single best elephant area in Africa today. The area not only provides the biggest tuskers but also the best hunting experience you can ever go on. This is also by far the best buffalo area in all of Africa. This can be the combination hunt you have always dreamt of when reading about all the big African trophy hunters of yesteryear.

Cape Buffalo

In South Africa Limcroma has access to some of the most sought after dangerous game locations in the country. Our Cape Buffalo hunts are conducted in either the Limpopo Valley, in and around our base camp, or on one of our multiple areas located in the Eastern Lowveld bordering one of the largest and most well know National Parks in the world.
African Leopard


The Waterberg mountain range and surrounding area is where we conduct our South African Leopard bait hunts. The Waterberg is known to be one of the most densely populated areas in Southern Africa as far as Leopard is concerned. This area is also the only UNESCO approved savannah biosphere in the whole of Southern Africa which makes it a game rich area with controlled sustainable hunting. Limcroma Safaris has access to more than 80 000 acres in the biosphere. Please note that these hunts work on a strict permit basis and therefore we have limited availability.


We have a couple of different options available for hunting Hippo. These options usually vary according to the rest of your safari.


All of our White Rhino hunts are conducted in South Africa on several of our concession areas. South Africa boasts the highest and healthiest sustainable population of White Rhino in Africa. This was brought about by closely managing these animals in a sustainable manner thereby ensuring their survival by using hunting as a conservation tool.


Hunting the Nile Crocodile is probably one the most underrated dangerous game hunts of all. Their cunning abilities and incredible senses make hunting Crocodile extremely challenging and very unique to say the least.

Hunting dangerous game in Africa

The African hunting safari is bound to become the highlight of any hunter’s career. Africa offers exhilarating and challenging hunting opportunities. The hunt becomes all the more exciting when dangerous game is involved. Make no mistake, there are certain African species that can turn deadly. Being properly prepared and knowing how to handle your weapon is of utmost importance if you are looking to ensure a successful hunt!

Dangerous Game hunting

Big Five / Dangerous Seven Rifle and Bow Hunting.

Dangerous game hunting in Africa

Whether you are a seasoned dangerous game hunter or first timer we have the specific dangerous game hunt to suit not only your budget but also your hunting requirements and needs! We offer all of the dangerous seven, lion, buffalo, elephant, crocodile, hippopotamus and leopard. South Africa is the only country left in Africa where you can still do what is considered to be a “Classic” safari – for either all of the Big Five or all of the Dangerous Seven in one safari. ( This normally requires at least 28 days ).

Our dedicated team of professional hunters are accredited and seasoned dangerous game hunters and will ensure that your dangerous game hunt is a success! Each of the dangerous seven pose their own set of challenges and the hunting methods areas unique as the animals themselves!


Bow Hunting

Rifle Hunting

Dangerous Game Hunting

Plains Game Hunting

Family & Couple Safaris

The ultimate hunting experience of all – dangerous game hunting in Africa!

Big five or dangerous seven hunting include buffalo, lion, elephant, leopard, rhino, crocodile and hippopotamus. These are considered to be the most dangerous animals to hunt in Africa, and the world for that matter.

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Dangerous Game Testimonials

Brian & Family

“After three unsuccessful leopard safaris with other outfitters, Limcroma Safaris was finally the outfitter that made it happen for me. Hannes and his staff are professional and goal driven individuals who take care of every little detail. My family and I shared many special memories and we look forward to many more!”


“I took all of the Big Five with Hannes and I’m still coming back. He runs a first class operation!”


“I have hunted with Limcroma twice. Both times I hunted with archery equipment. The accommodations, service, and food were first class. The PHs, hunting, and trophy quality were all as good as it gets for the bow hunter. I will be returning to Limcroma.”

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Limcroma Safaris operates full service South African safari adventures on almost 200,000 acres of privately owned land and closely managed hunting concessions. When hunting with Limcroma Safaris, clients enjoy pursuing more than 45 species of trophy class African plains game including big greater kudu, gemsbok, impala, warthog and blue wildebeest.

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