Trophy Hunting Crocodile in South Africa

We offer a variety of crocodile hunting packages in Africa.

Overview of this species and the hunt

This is not going to be your normal hunting experience. Which is all fine and well considering you are not hunting your typical animal. Hunting the Nile crocodile is an experience for those hunters searching for a different kind of trophy. The only place you are certain to have luck when hunting crocodile in Africa, is on the riverbanks. But the riverbanks themselves pose quite a risk considering it is home to a number of these fierce predators. It can take up to 6 years for a crocodile to grow from a hatchling, and while the first years pass by with the crocodile growing swiftly, in the years following that, growth slows drastically. The crocodile you might be looking at hunting could be as old as 75 years!

Like the hippo, a crocodile should never be underestimated. Once he gets his jaws on you and starts thrashing around, this animal will go from lazy to deadly. They are difficult to approach on foot, and will usually quickly make their way back to the safety of the river should they sense danger. You want a quick kill, and to do that you need two shots; one to immobilise and one to kill. A shot to the brain or spine should stop him so you can deliver the final shot.

When trophy hunting crocodile in South Africa, you will usually be sitting in a blind. Because of their tough hide, a powerful weapon and appropriate bullets should be used. We recommend a .338 calibre at the very least. An expansive soft pointed bullet is also recommended. Larger rifles are not recommended simply because of the recoil. You will also need to invest in a decent scope.

Crocodile hunting in Africa is an unbelievable hunt and when you have done all the right planning and found their right outfitter, this challenging hunt can be successfully done.

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