Hunting Caracal in Africa

Stalking this small cat requires some skill.

Overview of this species and the hunt

The best comparison you can make with the caracal is to compare him to the American bob cat. He is a small lynx like cat but he has a tougher, more solid build. Hunters choose this species for his red to a dark brick red fur coat. With a short tail and tufts on his ears, it is quite easy to tell if the feline you are looking at is a caracal. What is not so easy to do, is to tell the difference between the male and the female, as they are generally the same size.

Although you might see the cat roaming his habitat during the day, he is a nocturnal animal. Eating a diet consisting of reptiles, small animals and birds, caracal have been known to take down quite large animals such as steenbok.
Hunting caracal is not easy, in fact, it is more of a game of chance as you might not find the cat at all. They are exceptionally good at being stealthy and you will need bait and a whole lot of patience to hunt one. When hunting caracal, using a blind is often part of the deal and it is usually not enough to simply sit and wait. Hunters need to be very quiet and as still as possible. Using predator calls might entice him, but there is no guarantee.

A small calibre centerfire rifle is all you will need when trophy hunting caracal in South Africa. Your professional hunter will be able to advise you further on the type of gun to use, so be sure to ask. Avoid using an expanding bullet, this might ruin the pelt. Aim for behind the shoulder, towards the middle of the body, and you should have the perfect shot. If you are looking for a memorable night hunt, this one is for you!

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