Trophy Hunting Bush Pig in Africa

The bush pig is a nocturnal animal and is hunted at night.

Overview of this species and the hunt

Africa’s very own wild boar is an animal that is similar in appearance to the America wild hog, although he is a lot smaller. This is an angry animal, with a very nasty temperament, especially when he senses danger. A bush pig has plenty of hair and is either grey-brown or dark brown. As the animal gets older, the hair grows darker, which can give the hunter an indication of the animals age.

Bush pig are hunted for their tusks. It has a narrow snout and ears more pointed than the warthog. The males are bigger than the females and they usually live in a mixed group which includes a dominant male and female. The group will also have youngsters and a few other females.

Bush pig make their homes in dense bush, so when hunting, be prepared to do some adventuring into thickets. During the days, they tend to stay in the safety of their bushy habitat. Bush pig are hunted at night and you will need at least a .270 calibre rifle. Shot guns are also quite effective. One thing to keep in mind when hunting the bush pig is their aggressive nature. They won’t hesitate to attack and they are at their most dangerous when wounded. An evening hunt is quite unusual, so this is certainly one experience you might enjoy!

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