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The ultimate bow hunting destination in Africa!

Limcroma Safaris conducts our bow hunting safaris all over South Africa, to give every individual bow hunter the opportunity on the species desired in only the best hunting areas available. We hunt in bow hunting only areas and concessions that ensure better hunting opportunities, the kind that allow for the uninhibited natural movement of game along trails and constant water drinking routines. Special management and strategic placement of blinds and tree stands ensure the best chance for the trophies of a lifetime.

An abundance of game combined with the large variety of game species in South Africa, will give every bowhunter more bowhunting opportunities than ever before. When it comes to bow hunting in Africa, South Africa is truly a bowhunter’s paradise.

Hannes is qualified and experienced to hunt the dangerous game of Africa with a bow and takes extreme pride in his successes as a bowhunting outfitter. His team of well trained professional hunters, trackers and staff will dedicate themselves to take you on a memorable and exciting bowhunting adventure.

If you have any questions about planning to book a bowhunting safari with Limcroma Safaris, we would be happy to discuss details and available dates with you. Please contact us early as the best dates for bowhunting in our region require you to book far in advance.

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Embark on a journey of a lifetime and experience bow hunting in Africa with Limcroma Safaris.

Traverse the wilds of Africa with Professional Hunter and Outfitter Hannes Els, an enthusiastic bow hunter himself, who understands the special needs of a bow hunter.

Bowhunting frequently asked questions

Is it difficult to get my bow into South Africa?

No, not at all. Unlike rifle hunters, bows are currently not regulated coming into South Africa. You would simple pick up your bow at the oversized luggage area and proceed through the customs area.

Do I need anything special for shipping my bow?

You will need a very sturdy bow case that is impact resistant. The stronger, the better. Best results will come from the higher end models of bow cases available. The cheaper, every day bows you see sold for will not protect your bow on the long trip as well as a case such as the SKB or similar models can.

Can I hunt dangerous game with my bow?

Absolutely! The regulations require a minimum draw weight of 80 lbs to hunt Cape buffalo. You would need a fixed, heavy two blade broadhead that is sharp to the tip for this fun affair as well to make sure you get maximum penetration on these big brutes. Total arrow weight should be in the 750-900 grain class.

When is the best time to bow hunt in South Africa?

We prefer our guests to come between May 1st and October 30th . This is late fall, winter and early spring for us so our weather is quite nice. By this time, all of the small, scattered water holes have dried up so animals come to water daily. Also, almost 100% of the cover is gone from the trees so you can see the animals coming in from a good distance. This gives you time to study them to see trophy quality.

How long will the shots be?

Most of your shots will be 20 yards or less. It doesn’t always work that way, and longer shots are taken, but typically, 20 yards or less is the normal shot. We work very hard to keep all shots to 20 yards or less as we don’t want to spend your valuable hunting time chasing a wounded animal through the bush.

What type of shooting practice should I do to get ready for my safari?

Shooting on level ground, from tree stands and from inside pop up blinds would all be very good practice. You need to be very proficient from 40 yards and closer. Most shots take place from 20 yards and in, but you may get a second shot on an animal a little further away so practice and be very proficient.

What kind of blinds do you have?

Most of our blinds are pit blinds, small houses constructed into the ground. They are very roomy inside, usually about 8′ X 8′. You shoot through vertical slats in the front of the blind. These blinds are very dark inside so you are very concealed. With sand floors, animals won’t hear your steps on the sandy floor even if they are standing just outside the windows. We also use pop up ground blinds, tree stands, elevated blinds and natural brush blinds depending on what animal you are hunting and the set up for the area.

What type of broadhead should I use on African animals?

We recommend a fixed blade cut on impact. No mechanical broadheads.

What type of bow should I bring and what draw weight should I use?

For plains game hunting, you should bring your normal big game set up you would use for whitetail or any other type deer. You don’t need to buy a special 80 lb bow set up just to shoot plains game. We have archers who use compound, recurve and long bows as well as crossbows. The most important aspect of your hunt will be that you are very familiar with and extremely proficient shooting the bow you bring. Buying a brand new bow just before you start you safari is not recommended.

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“Limcroma knows bow hunting! From hunting area selection, to hunting blind selection, to trophy quality selection, to shot selection, the PHs, give incredible direction every step of the way, to ensure your archery success. My buddy and I took 20 trophy animals in one week!”


“Best bow blinds ever and spectacular trophies.”


“Wow! What an AMAZING “Father/Son” Trip. My 18 year old son, Brandon, and I booked this bow-hunt excursion as a graduation gift for him. It turned out being one of the most memorable times of our lives. Brandon took a 60” Kudu with his bow!”

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Limcroma Safaris operates full service South African safari adventures on almost 200,000 acres of privately owned land and closely managed hunting concessions. When hunting with Limcroma Safaris, clients enjoy pursuing more than 45 species of trophy class African plains game including big greater kudu, gemsbok, impala, warthog and blue wildebeest.

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